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Miss Poppins' Purse

or everything a fashionista can stuff into her tiny dorm closet!
April 11, 2011

This is Jane. She wears cute clothes.

The "Dick and Jane" books of the 1950s will always hold a spot in my heart, as well as a place on my bookshelf. The one-sentence adventures of these two children helped American children learn to read such useful sentences as "They love each other," and "See the bunny!" Okay, so perhaps I don't integrate these sentences into my everyday dialogue, but wouldn't life be easier if we all spoke in this direct, matter-of-fact way? Maybe only five-year-olds get that privilege. Although I do not often employ Jane's dialogue, I see her style in my wardrobe. Her gingham dresses, peter-pan collared dresses and shirts, as well as her adorable Mary Jane shoes, are essential for every girl, no matter the age!

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I remember these books! : ) This is a really creative post and I love the flats

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